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Product description: Nitroglycerin is in a group of drugs called nitrates. It is used to treat or prevent attacks of chest pain (angina) by relaxing the arteries and veins in the body.
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Nitroglycerin as known as: Nitromed, Trinispray, Natispray, Nitrogesic, Topi-nitro, Glycerylnitrat, Trocer, Nitrangin, Will long, Top-nitro, Nitrokaf retard, Nitrogard, Limitral, Trinitron, Coro-nitro, Trinitrine, Transderm-nitro, Nitromex, Solinitrina, Nitroglycerine, Nitro-mack, Nitrospray-icn, Angiolingual, Angicard, Glyceroltrinitrat, Domitral, Nitropack, Nitrocontin, Nitro-time, Tridil, Niglinar, Anril, Deponit, Angised, Dauxona, Perganit, Millis, Trinitrosan, Nitraket, Nirmin, Nitrocard, Rho-nitro, Nitrocine, Keritrina, Plastranit, Minitro, Nitrodyl, Nitroplast, Angispan, Myonit, Nitroderm tts, Myovin, Nitropen, Nyrocin, Glyceryl trinitrate, Anginine, Suscard, Trinitrina, Dermatrans, Nitroglicerina, Nitrolingual, Nitroven, Percutol, Nitroject, Enetege, Cordipatch, Nitroglycerol, Vernies, Nitracor, Millisrol, Adesitrin, Nitroretard faran, Rectogesic, Nitronalspray, Nitradisc, Dydrene, Nitro-dur, Nysconitrine, Gallolingual, Meditrans, Nitromint, Nitrodom, Glytrin, Nitrovas sr, Nitrostad retard, Triniplas, Nitrol, Nitrostat, Glyceroli trinitratis, Pancoran, Nitrong, Lycinate, Venitrin, Sustonit, Nitroquick, Nitrek, Nitrin sr, Millistape, Nitromist, Vasolator, Nitronal, Nitromin, Nidocard retard, Nitriderm, Nitroglycerinum, Myocor, Sustac, Loion, Minitrans, Nitrocor, Cordiplast, Discotrine, Supranitrin, Trintek, Trinitrin, Perlinganit, Trimonit, Cafinitrina, Diafusor, Trinipatch, Nitroglicerol, Epinitril, Nitrocap, Nitrosylon

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